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DiHotel: The Automatic Round-the-clock Receptionist Guaranteed to Increase your Revenue

Every hotel is looking for ways to increase revenue. So how about round-the-clock hotel booking systems that allow end users, travel agents and booking agents to log on to your website and enter reservation directly into DiHotel.

All this and more comes with DiHotel, with reservations going directly into your DiHotel hotel booking software.

Here's what it will do for you:

  • ♦ No more having to confirm a booking, bill a deposit, or key in a reservation from an email. All manual staff intervention is taken care of right up until the moment your guests arrive in reception.
  • ♦ Guests make reservations online with complete and automatic processing of deposits.
  • ♦ Special rate codes for travel and booking agents.
  • ♦ Reservations can be keyed in against a group block by group members or by wedding guests. Groups can also print out their rooming list at any point in time.
  • ♦ You pay one price for an unlimited number of reservations, with no on-going costs, no monthly or yearly charges and no commissions to pay on reservations.
  • ♦ Cuts out the risk of double bookings.
  • ♦ Mobile ready for smartphones.
  • In short, DiHotel gives you a streamlined booking process that offers increased revenue and an outstanding return on investment.

Hotel Reservation Software

Let’s face it, running a hotel can be a challenge at the best of times, and that’s especially true in the busy season. Taking bookings was traditionally a time consuming and difficult task. But there is a solution, and its name is DiBooking.

DiBooking is a hotel reservation system that will completely change the way you do business. It’s a revolutionary software that you’ll be able to utilise to take bookings without lifting a finger. How? It’s really rather simple. People who want to make a booking can simply do so online with the click of a few buttons. By automating the process almost completely, you’ll be able to free up the time of your staff and focus your energies on improving your service in other areas.

If you're in need for a cutting-edge hotel reservation software, DiHotel should be your first choice.

Our Company

TDA Solutions is a leading international provider of software solutions for the hospitality industry to support a range of integrated facilities for hotels, their bars and restaurants.
With offices in the Nha Trang, Ho Chi Minh in VietNam and Japan, TDA offers a fully-manned, 24/7 helpdesk, with consulting and training services for all clients.

Our Solutions

In addition to DiHotel, our affordable and fully integrated hotel management software, TDA also provide industry leading hospitality and leisure solutions for bars and restaurant, meeting venues, clubs and corporate office.
Our DiHotel Software is installed in over hundred hotels at Vietnam and japan delivering cost effective and reluable hotel management to independant hotel and small groups.

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TDA Solutions is replacing their previous cloud-based solution to deliver a stream-lined approach to booking across their Vietnam estate of properties.