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HUMAN MANAGEMENT:record management, statistic information and indicators related to human resource.

  • Storing the employee information:
  • a. Employee Information

    b. Professional Information

    c. Organization Information

    d. Employee information for foreigners

  • Create, extend and print the labor contract as well as addendum contract
  • Increase, decrease and transfer employee
  • Establish, approve and implement the salary adjustments according to wage
  • Management of historical salary including: adjusting wages, transferring, reward, discipline, appointment, dismissal, change payroll process business trip, ...
  • HR planning in period according to the actual situation of human resource
  • Tracking and analyzing human resources easily in several different statistical targets by graph charts
  • Allows decentralizing by user and department
  • The diversity professional report system:
  • a. Employee records, and resume management

    b. List of employees

    c. Staffing fluctuations report

    d. Report of comparing and doing statistics the human resource

    e. Historical salary report

    f. Analysis human resource report by request

SALARY: management of salary, wage, bonus and allowance

  • Salary management for each employee by:
  • g. Wage, coefficient, wage level

    h. The final salary review and subsequent

    i. Payment method: cash or bank

    j. PIT object, PIT code, family allowance

  • Allows integrating and inheriting the information:
  • a. Inheriting attendance data, income, wage and allowance parameter by time

    b. Import timekeeping data from Excel

    c. Import data from the compassionate leave module

    d. Import data from the Attendance module

  • Payroll flexibility:
  • a. User can setup by salary, allowance and coefficient

    b. User can setup many payroll forms: time salary and wage rank/level according to the salary fund, food product or combining multiple the calculating wage method

    c. User can setup formula for calculating salary

    d. User can calculate salary with several times in month by variety of income

    e. User can calculate payments of health insurance, social insurance and trade union fund, ...

    f. Send each employee payslip via email

    g. Allows transferring the salary account entry into Accounting System

  • Handling the personal income tax (PIT) flexibly:
  • a. Supports multiple taxable objects

    b. Allows declaring objects of family allowances

    c. Allows calculating PIT for objects in multiple different departments

    d. Allows calculating PIT by NET or GROSS

    e. Allows the PIT finalization

  • Other features:
  • a. Support to establish a reserve fund for severance allowances

    b. Batch salary adjustments for employees according effective date

    c. Decentralize by access user

    d. Keep track of changes by manipulation user

    e. Warning to overdue operations in adjusting wage and updating salary record

  • The diversity professional report system:
  • a. Payroll for all employee/department/unit in company

    b. Detailed payslips for each employee

    c. Adjusted income statement

    d. Personal income tax (PIT) report

    e. Family allowance report

  • In addition, the system supports 30 formats of user-defined report, established based on the actual requirements of each customer.


This solution supports Attendance directly or timekeeper. Based on the parameters setup in shift work to calculate the working hour number and the associated regime
  • Timekeeper:
  • a. Supports almost types of timekeeper, and allows configuration corresponding to each machine or integrating of raw data directly from the database

    b. Allows setting the shifts for each unit

    c. Scheduling work for whole company, each department or individual

    d. Register and browse the registered overtime

    e. Calculate the time from raw data, note the extraordinary circumstances and recognize early late time, overtime, night hours, ...

    f. Confirm working hour, hours of work for the department head

    g. Calculate hours of work by coefficient (based on yield, position and reward coefficient...)

    h. Enables a expansion query to monitor schedule of each department by day/shift

    i. Supports adjusting/transferring the working hour

    j. Allows registration and statistical ration of shifts by department

  • Timekeeping directly::
  • a. Allows setup a timekeeping type corresponding to the files and the converted payroll types

    b. Allows importing files into the program timekeeping

    c. Allows importing the timekeeping data for payroll

  • The diversity professional report system:
  • a. Detail of raw data and timekeeping information

    b. Detail of timekeeping table horizontally/vertically

    c. Statistical reports of working hours by each employee/department

    d. Print a list of coming late, leaving early and absentee

    e. Monthly general timesheet

LEAVE MANAGEMENT: allows management, recognition, tracking and statistics of each individual in company fully, accurately and flexibility

  • Management of each individual by object, permission year, starting date, valid day total in month, hiatus days, ...)
  • Allows setup many leave types in company: sickness, maternity, marriage, excused absences, unauthorized absences, .... Support norm by date or seniority
  • Based on a leave request of employee to setup a starting date, effective date, annual leave limit per month, advance leave, transferring to next year or calculating automatically based on seniority
  • Supports leave management periodically
  • Perform calculating the leave days flexible and automatically for each object
  • Users can import data from Excel
  • Allows leave registration and approval
  • Allows increasing the leave day as reward.
  • Transferring automatically the leave days to the next year flexible: cancelling, calculating to income by regulations; calculating the existing days to the following year
  • Link to the Wage module

MEDICAL INSURANCE: An intelligent query feature allows monitoring the leave situation and detail of each individual in company

  • Allows statistics, comparing between the previous period and the same period last year by graph chart
  • Provides to administrator a comprehensive and professional reporting system:
  • List of employees on leave, leave without pay, maternity leave, sick leave, accident leave, ...
  • Statistics of leave days of each department monthly or yearly
  • Application for leave
  • Employee leave profile
  • Summarizes the leave day by management target
  • Yearly leave management report: general and detail
  • Report of compensatory day in month
  • Meeting the needs of insurance records management, implementation of related professional insurance regime and print the report of insurance payment by Government regulations.
  • Allows defining, setting up all kinds of insurance: health insurance, social insurance, unemployment insurance, accident insurance, ...
  • Allows defining and calculating the salary, the allowance insurance deductions based on the salary automatically and the parameter configured in module HR
  • Detail insurance record management for each employee
  • Tracking the historical insurance premiums before and after joining company
  • Operation management relating to the insurance object: in the past or present.
  • Adjusting the insurance payment (eg change of salary)
  • Adjusting insurance record when there is an error
  • Social insurance payment management (Calculating salary or allowance by factor)
  • Employee healthcare management
  • Managing the healthcare paper for each employee, insurance duration and deduction of insurance types for each employee. Statistical the insurance duration and insurance payment for each individual at interval: monthly, quarterly, annually, …

Print the form and report relating to insurance by Government regulations

a. Declaration for social insurance registration (Form 01-TBH)

b. Declaration for social/health insurance registration (Form A01 - TS)

c. List of employees participating in social insurance (Form D02 - TS)

d. List of employees applying for social insurance book

e. List of employees applying for insurance card reissuance (Form No.03 / THE)

f. List of employees participating in voluntary insurance

g. List of employees participating in social insurance, unemployment insurance compulsory (Form 02a-TBH)

h. List of labor adjustment and social insurance premium, unemployment insurance (Form 03a-TBH)

i. List of labor adjustment and unemployment insurance premiums (Form No. 02 / UI)

j. List of participants in medical insurance (Form 02b-TBH)

k. List of proposed adjustments profile SI, HI (Form 03b-TBH)

l. List of employees for leave allowance of social insurance (Form C66a-HD, Form C67a-HD, Decision SI subsidies, Model C04-BH, Decision of leave under the social insurance, C68a-HD Form, Form C69a- HD, Form C70a-HD, certificate of leave under the social insurance, payment of 2% of social insurance)

m. Paper proposed resolution on the death allowance SI

n. Confirm the social insurance duration (01/SBH-XN)

o. Table comparing data of SI and HI with salary

TRAINING: is a powerful tool to help organizations manage training process within organization

  • Establish and approve the recommendations of departmental training, groups for each form of training (domestic, foreign, internal, ...), field training, training content, training objects ...
  • Help enterprises to the overall training plan and details based on the recommendations of the approved training
  • Allows setting up the allocation form of training costs for each beneficiary training. For example: employees who work less than a year have charged 40% of the cost, the employer have charged 60%
  • Creating and tracking the training contract of employees
  • Tracking implementation process and results of each training course, list of staff was involved or not involved in each training course
  • Updating and managing the actual cost of each training plan for each course
  • Doing statistics and comparing the incurred costs between actual and plan of each training course
  • Doing statistics the training cost per employee and the employer
  • Allows monitoring and evaluating effectiveness of employee after training
  • Allows enterprises establishing the training contract in case of violation.
  • The system provides reports and forms on training as following:

    a. Training proposal form

    b. Training contract

    c. Poll tracking personal training

    d. Poll effective monitoring after training

    e. Report on training costs

    f. Reports monitored training plan

STAFF REVIEW: is a powerful tool to help organizations and enterprises evaluating the effectiveness and accuracy of the human resources. This is an important basis for long-term strategic planning for human resources and business organizations.

  • Allows users to define the evaluation criteria according to specific needs every business. Evaluation stardard is unlimited. Evaluative criteria can input ​​directly or by step
  • Setting the evaluation criteria to be applied to objects or different purposes
  • Provides multiple methods of employee evaluation: object (according to employees, according to the department, according to the group, according to the assessor group), in multiple timelines different assessment (week, month, quarter, year, or the extraordinary evaluation), according to the evaluator (assessor directly, head office evaluation, assessment director, ...)
  • Allows legacy data from other modules to provide a basis for evaluating employees
  • Automatically aggregating the evaluated data according to the criteria of last evaluation results
  • Tracking and managing the evaluation results coherently and exactly
  • View historical evaluation for each staff
  • After obtaining the results evaluated and graded, this module enables transfer data to Wage module for payroll and bonus
  • The system provides reports and forms on training as following:

    a. Detail report of evaluation table

    b. General report of evaluation table


This is a tool to help enterprises in field of production management for timekeeping and payroll by product, in order to encourage employees to improve productivity work.

  • Allows users to define each type of product and the manufacturing process details by stages, the possible specifications of each product
  • Users can use a maximum of 10 specifications for each product
  • Allows the user to set different price lists in time for each product, specifications, processes, departments, teams, groups, quantities
  • Timekeeping for employee, organization, group or department
  • Flexible input screens in multiple convenient ways to help users to select the data entry method of timekeeper: Staff/Product/Stage; Product/ Staff/Stage; Stage/Product/Staff
  • Inheriting the timekeeper data from Excel
  • Inheriting data from the production/cost module in the system
  • The formula for calculating the wage flexibly or by user-defined
  • Allocate piecework to each employee pbased on the time factor
  • Report of timekeeping by product
  • Payroll by output
  • Payroll by hour factor

POLICY REGIME: helps users establish and implement policies and subsidies for staff

  • Establish the flexible policies: effective time, cycle by day/week/month/quarter/year/...
  • Setup conditions and policy beneficiaries: by department, position, job, work status, seniority, discipline violation, language, skill, gender, for young children,...
  • Support a formula to calculate subsidies
  • Calculate policies automatically for all employee by week, month, year
  • Linked to the Wage module to transfer the policy results into income for each employee
  • Query and monitor the policy of each employee.

LABOUR EQUIPMENT: help businesses manage allocation and recovery of working tools of each employee or each department, contributing to improving the efficiency management.

  • Support user management information of working tools (eg pictures, tools recovered or not, ...). In additional, users can categorize these working tools.
  • Establish and allocate approval norm of working tools for every employee, departments or groups
  • Support establishing and approving the working tools proposed allocation for each employee, departments and groups
  • Plan the working tool allocation for each department and work based on allocation norms have been established working tools
  • Import/export warehouse management for working tool effectively and quickly
  • Allows users to view in stock of working tool by day/month/year
  • To allocate and revoke working tools for employee, department or group
  • The system provides reports and forms on allocation of working tool as follows:

    a. Working tools allocation report

    b. Working tools handover report

    c. Supports importing/exporting the inventory adjustment information into Excel

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